FAQ: Frequently Asked

- Website

The site www.blast-models.com is for mail orders service.

- The account ?

Website offer a customers account service.
This service make ordering process easier.
This service is usefull for customers placing regular orders.
Order following is available throught the customer account.

- Account and orders ?

It's not necessary have an account open to place an order.
It's only an additionnal service, it can be open during order or throught the account connexion

You can modify my password, email address, address using the custoemr account.
You can recover your password using website system "Send my password".

- Order final amount is in Euro, why ?

Website displays different currencies.
As we are based in France, our reference currency is Euro.
Invoice will be made in Euro and your credit card will be charged in Euro, then converted into the currency by your bank.
We advice to use Euro to place your order

- Are all displayed items in stock ?   

Yes, products that can be ordered are in stock, but a possible mistake can always happen.

- How is postage calculated ?

Shipping costs are directly calculated by website.

- My browser is having troubles with the website ?

You can upgrade your favourite browser or try with an other browser.
We advice to use Google Chrome.

- I placed an order but have not received the email confirmation ?

When you placed an order through the web shop, you should receive an order mail confirmation quite immediatly.
If you don't, you may have mistyped in your e-mail address, check your anti-spam file, it may be a technical problem.

- How long will it take for my order to reach me ?

Here are general shipping delay estimated.

France - Colissimo Suivi - 2 to 5 days.
EU- Colissimo Suivi Europe - 5 to 15 days.
Outside EU- Airmail - 5 to 20 days.

- Order had been shipped, but parcel is not yet arrived ?

In the meantime, you may checkthe tracking, visit your local post office and see if your order is held.
Often packages are held due to customs reasons, or because they won't fit in your mail box.
If not, please contact us using your order confirmation.

- My order arrived, but an item is wrong ?

We apologize for the mistake.
Please contact us using your order confirmation.

- My order arrived, but some of the items is wrong or missing ?

Please double-check the invoice that you should have received in the parcel detailing exactly what was shipped to you. If you are convinced that we have made an error in your shipment, please contact us please attach a picture of item with problem.

- I placed an order on the website. When my credit card will be charged ?

Credit card will be charged immediatly if you choose Paypal, or bank interface.